Welcome To The HotStove League’s
Official Website!

Congrats to the Detroit Tigers and Aaron Klein winner of Season 1

We are now in season 2


We are a group of guys who simply enjoy the fun of MLB The Show 16! We only want members who play the game the right way, meaning no excessive bunting or fake stealing.  This is a money league $5 a season to play, paid through paypal.


11/25 Playoffs Start

Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that website is now completely up to date!  If there is anything you feel like needs to be on here please let me know.  I am going to try and use this more!

As most of you know we have extended the season a week because games haven’t been played as quickly as last season post season starts at 11/25 @ 9:00 pm Pacific time. It happens and I suspect it will happen even more during the holidays.  Please just make sure that you contact me and let me know what is going on.   I get things come up and stuff happens it’s just very frustrating having to try and track you down.  Also please don’t call people out about dodging you, you have no idea what is going on in someone else’s life if you genuinely feel like someone is dodging you please contact me or one of the commissioners.

There is no need to call someone out in open chat, I have seen leagues destroyed because this happens. Most of you know I am typically always monitoring chat if I see things starting to escalate I will tell you stop if you don’t then I kick you.  Remember this is supposed to be a fun league I am not going to let people bash and pick on others.  This hasn’t been a problem in our league.

MLB 17 is coming in March I believe.  My goal is to keep the same members we currently have and possibly add more teams.  My plan is to draft as soon as we can so we can get as many seasons in as possible.

On a personal note,  I want to wish you and your families best wishes on the up coming holidays.  I am apart of 3 other leagues and this is by far the best league I have been apart of.  I have really enjoyed getting to know all of you.  Some days it seems like I talk to you guys more than I do my family, so I guess I will call you my extended family.  Anyways enough of the touchy feely crap!  Keep up the hard work guys as we continue to “make legends of Hotstove great”