Hot Stove League Bylaws

Updated 08/04/16

Entry Fee

$5 entry fee must be paid to gain entry into the league.

Entry fee will be collected via

There are no refunds of the entry fee. Leaving the league will forfeit the fee. All accrued entry fees will be put toward the grand prize pot.


No entrant can change teams once in the league at anytime so that rosters stay with the same entrant every season.

Grand Prize


Winnings are dispersed after the following season’s world series is completed.

Home Run Derby

We will run a HRD during the playoffs week each season. All teams will be able to participate as long as at least 35 regular season games have been completed. The prize is TBD. The participating teams must use a player from their roster.

Games Played Requirements

Regular Season

Definition: Non-playoff games within the 4 week time frame (see calendar). 30 regular season games will be available to be played during the 4 week regular season period.

“Beginning” and “end” dates of the regular season are strictly enforced.  This league format requires that multiple seasons be played to determine a grand prize winner, so “beginning” and “end” dates are adhered to at all costs.

AT “END” DATE: All remaining unplayed games will be simmed (resolved) at 12pm est. on the last day of the regular season (“end” date).  Games will be resolved such that final standings reflect the standings at 12 pm est.

World Series Eligibility

28 games (of the potential 30 regular season games) must be played in order to be eligible for a World Series Championship. If needed we will sim/resolve games so that the teams that didn’t meet the minimum games requirement wont make the playoffs based on winning percentage. Official World Series Championships will be recorded on our website, and these will serve to determine the final grand prize winner.  [In-game World Series championships are not “Official World Series Championships]


In order of importance: Head to head record (regular season plus playoffs), overall regular season record, head to head runs scored, coin toss

Minimum Games Played Requirement

Potential dismissal from the league:

Fewer than 25 games played in one year

Fewer than 50 games played during two regular seasons (cumulative)

The Commissioner’s Committee will determine punishment for failure to meet the minimum games played requirement.  However, failure to meet the requirement does NOT necessitate any punishment/removal.


8 playoff teams, 3 series; 1st and 2nd series are 3 games each, World Series Championship is 5 games

All playoff games must be played within the predetermined 2 week time frame (calendar/schedule).

Failure to play postseason games in a timely fashion, as determined by the commissioner’s committee, will result in simming/resolving of any unplayed series.

Warnings will be issued to involved parties multiple times before simming/resolving of playoff games occurs.

In the case of an owner being unavailable for the 2 week playoff time frame, that unavailable owner will forfeit their playoff series.

If there is one party in particular responsible for not making themselves available; in that case, the party who did show effort will be resolved the winner of that series (this decision based on effort to attempt to play based on CC decision and is final).

Commissioner’s Committee (C.C)

The commissioner’s committee will consist of those owners appointed by the commissioner to aid in running the league. Duties include:

Approving trades

Committee: Arun (Orioles) Jesse (Dodgers) Pat (Cubs)

Simming/Resolving unplayed games at the end of the regular season and during the playoffs

Any other issues that arise will be handled by the CC

All CC decisions are final


GroupMe: Primary means of communication on a daily basis. Personal attacks, derogatory remarks, or otherwise inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated, and is grounds for dismissal from the league

League Website: Will remain updated on a weekly basis, and will serve as the official historical reference for past Official World Series Champions. The website will also house the league calendar and updated rules.

Twitch: is a service that provides a platform on which to stream games.  It is advisable to stream as many games as possible in order to have recourse/proof in the case of your opponent breaking any rules.  It’s also fun to let the rest of the league watch important games. (twitching is very easy & if anyone needs instructions let us know). (Please check your Twitch settings to make sure they are automatically saving broadcasts)

General Gameplay: Failure to comply by this section results in a loss of that game

  1. Bunting:

Drag bunts: 4 batters may drag bunt per team, per game. (Drag Bunt: Any bunt shown AFTER the ball has released from the pitcher’s hand. One batter may attempt multiple bunts in one at bat, and this will count as 1 batter’s bunt).

Unlimited non-drag bunts allowed. A non-drag bunt is anything that is not defined as a drag bunt above.

No squeeze bunts allowed.

Showing a premature bunt to draw in the defense, and then pull back to swing multiple times is not permitted as you are trying to exploit the bunt defense abnormally. If this happens obviously and intentionally more than 3x in any game, by CC decision the party responsible will forfeit, or at very least be warned for the future. CC decision is final.

  1. Stealing

No turning back after starting to steal a base (i.e. base runner must complete steal attempt of the next base).

There is no limit on number of steals.

  1. Throw out attempts from the outfield to 1B on a single: Not permitted
  2. Substitutions: No substitutions during an at bat (after a pitch has been thrown) pertaining to the batter and pitcher.
  3. Player Positions: Players must be played in positions listed either as their primary or secondary position(s) (unless extra innings or other unseen circumstances arise like desperate late inning pinch hits or extra innings forcing you to move some guys around to make it work).

Exception: Relief pitchers may be played in any bullpen position, including the “Closer” position.

  1. Hitting: All modes of hitting ALLOWED (Zone, directional, etc.)
  2. Pitching

Quick Pitching: There can’t be a black and white rule with this, but it is required that you give your opponent adequate time to pause before each pitch is thrown, with emphasis on giving them time to substitute in obvious substitution situations. Multiple infractions of quick pitching will be dealt with by the commissioner’s committee.

SP Rotation: Must remain the same (order and composition) unless approval is obtained from the commissioner’s committee to alter the rotation. SP rotation will be posted in our web. Any rotation changes without the CC approval will result in forfeit of the violated game.

Bullpen: Only 1 SP allowed in the bullpen for long relief. This SP cannot be used as a CP. All others must be RP and CP

  1. Stadium: All games must be played in the home team’s stadium
  2. Pick-offs:

Only 3 pick-off attempts before each pitch is permitted, unless after the 3rd pick-off attempt the runner tries to take more than a 1 step lead (this is so the runner cannot just lead off as much as they want after 3rd attempt per pitch)

  1. Any other foul gameplay that goes against the spirit of the game should be reported to the CC (excessive pauses, hit by pitches, excessive warm up swings, etc.).

First time offense: Warning

Subsequent offense: Punishment determined by the CC


If at anytime an issue arises during play of a game in which both opponents do not agree on a rule, and a commissioner is not available at the time to resolve the issue, please complete the game (make sure you’re Twitching!!!) and submit a protest to the CC explaining the discrepancy. Once reviewed, if the subsequent winner of the original game would in turn win the protest, then the game will simply stand since the protest winner already won the game. If the protest is won by the original losing team, the game will begin from the point in the game where the rule discrepancy took place. (see rainout rules).

Rain Outs (Dropped Games/Quitting/Connection Loss)

  1. Any game that results in a disconnection/quit/drop premature to regulation should be immediately reconciled if possible with the other player by starting another game, and continuing at the score/inning it left off. If contact cannot be made with the team that disconnected within 10minutes, that team will forfeit. Obviously we cannot re-create the game in its entirety, and any prior substitutions should remain intact and game played out to a total of 9 innings keeping prior score in mind. For ex: game disconnects in top of 4th inning, score is home-4, away-3. The new game will obviously start in the top of the 1st, but the new “9th inning” will the 6th inning since you had already played 3 innings, keeping in mind the home team is up by 1. If a starting pitcher has already been removed in the 1st game, start the 2nd game with the original SP but remove him after the 1st batter and put in a relief pitcher when the 2nd batter comes up. Prior pinch hitters/defensive changes should also be maintained as they were before. The lineup at the time of disconnection should be replicated as well. For ex: if the game disconnected with the 7, 8 & 9th hitters due up for the away team, then they should leadoff the 2nd game with the 7, 8 & 9th hitters as well.
  2. Any team that disconnects/quits/drops for a 2nd consecutive time will automatically receive a loss and the game will not be tried again.
  3. Proof of score is constituted by:

Validation by both parties involved

Recorded Twitch stream and/or screenshot at time of dropped game

  1. Multiple suspicious instances of foul play by the same user                            (situational loss of connection, etc.) will be referred to the CC for a potential disciplinary action
  2. Friendly Quits are ALLOWED if an extenuating real life circumstance presents
  3. Pause screen time-out

Forced opponent forfeiture is DISCOURAGED if they run out of pause time, but it is allowed in extreme situations. Forced forfeiture will only be used as a last resort after extensive unsuccessful attempts at communication (via GroupMe and text) with the paused owner. Life can get in the way during games, so make every effort to allow the paused opponent to return or respond.

  1. Concedes are permitted and if offered by either team, the opposite party should respect the fact they’d like to concede and accept their concession.


Will occur during the last few days of the 2 week playoff time period (see calendar), as a “built-in” time. Duration: 2 to 3 days; exact dates and times will be made clear by the CC before the offseason begins.

Free Agents and Team Budgets

Call Ups/Send Downs

Any player with more than 1 year remaining on his contract must be approved by the CC to be moved down to the minors, and he may not be called up to the MLB again. A glitch exists which nullifies any remaining years on long term contracts if a player is sent down from the MLB, and then brought back up. If caught churning players (sending down to nullify future contract years, and then bringing back to MLB), that team shall immediately release their 5th overall rated player. That player will remain unsignable by any team until the subsequent offseason.


Regular Season

Trade Committee Approval: required for trade to be completed.

Consequences of Rule Breaking

Failure to comply with any rules (General Gameplay section) will result in an automatic loss in the applicable game. Multiple infractions will be disciplined by the CC. Breaking of any rule stated in these bylaws are grounds for automatic removal from the league (exception: first time offense that falls within general gameplay section). However, every situation will be handled on a case by case basis by the CC. CC decisions are final.

This will serve as a catch-all rule: The CC reserves the right to discipline or remove any user at any time, as they see fit. There are no entry fee refunds.