MLB16 The Show HotStove League

Not just another league, but the best league out there!

Draft day is upon us!

Hey guys,

I am really looking forward to kicking this season off, I think we have a great group of guys with a great mixture of really experienced guys and some new guys. My hope is after the first season everyone gets better and has a great time!  I want to let everyone know a head of time that shit talking is high encouraged, but it should never cross the line of social media stalking.  We are all professional people who don’t want this league to overlap with real life.  I will warn people once and that’s it.  I don’t want to be an asshole but make no mistake about it I can be, at least i am sure that’s what my kids think.hahahah  With that being said I wanted to let you guys know about a few changes I am implementing:


  • Season check points are:  on  8/29- 16 games need to be played, on 9/6- 28 games need to be played.  If something comes up and you cannot get these games in please message me, or the two other commissioners.  I am actively recruiting for this league and if you don’t let us know then we are going to assume you quit and you will be replaced quickly.
  • Steals: No fake steals meaning you go and then come back.  However if you get picked off and get in a run down and are safe that is fine.  That happens in real life.
  • Trading Deadline: We are still trying to figure out how that works and will keep you updated
  • Starting pitching rotations:  All rotations need to be sent to me once draft is done we will put them on the website.  Keep in mind starters 1-4 only get 8 starts and starter 5 gets 7.  I don’t care how you use the starts however if your pitcher goes over the 8 games then you will forfeit every game after the 8.  Also I know it is recommended that your long reliever is an SP which is fine just let us know along with any rotational changes.
  • Playoff pitching: No SP can pitch more than one game in a 3 game series, or 2 games in a 5 game series.  Again going back to real life.
  • Playoff eligibility: You will not qualify for playoffs unless you play all 39 games.  You paid $10 to be in this league and made a commitment to all of us, I understand things happen but 5 weeks to get 39 games in should be plenty of time.  Don’t wait till last minute.  Also there maybe a circumstance that a owner quits and you can’t play the last game or whatever.  The commissioners will vote on how to proceed on that.  Also guys if you are 0-35 and there are teams that need to play man up and play them.
  • Twitch Playoffs: Home team in playoffs are responsible for twitching games however I encourage everyone to do it in case of a disagreement 
  • Home Run Derby:  Must have played 35 games to play.  Will be during the playoffs.  Depending on how many we people who want to enter the format will be this: 7 players in each derby,  winners play each other one round.
  • Off season  Contracts: Contracts cannot be more than 6 years long.
  • Minimum games played:  I was going to set a minimum games played every year but have decide not too, i believe the check points will weed out those less active people, however it  will be left up to commissioners to decide.  I understand things happen in life we all have families etc.  JUST COMMUNICATE with us!  

I think that about covers it all.  Bottom line guys is this is a fun thing lets keep it that way and don’t be douche bags!  This thing should pretty much run it self once we get it kicked off.  If you have any questions or concerns about a player or things going on don’t blow people up in group chat talk to me or other commissioners.  I have two baby mama’s already  I don’t need no more drama!!!!!  hahahaha good luck guys but not to much though.



    Please don’t be this guy!

See you all tonight!




The Draft Is Coming!

Our draft is Monday, Aug 15, 2016 at 11:00PM Eastern Time!


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